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The capital of World football: St. Petersburg will host two major events in 2 years – 2018 World Cup and Euro2020 matches


Georgiy Poltavchenko congratulated people of St. Petersburg on winning the right to host the Euro2020 matches


 “Not for a minute did I have any doubts about St. Petersburg’s win – the city’s boss said – We were reassured how important our city is on the global stage”

The Northern Capital will host 3 games of the group stages and one quarter-final. The games will be held at the Zenit Arena. Its construction will be completed by 2016. Also, 3 games of the group stages and quarter finals will be held in Rome, Munich and Baku. Semi-finals and the final will be held at London’s “Wembley” stadium. Dmitriy Runkov with the details

This was when all people gathered at the Gostinnyi Dvor held their breaths. The live broadcast from Geneva was interrupted right before the announcement – Russia was the only country to experience this break-up. Some in the crowd reacted – this may be part of western sanctions. But – in a moment, when the broadcast was resumed – UEFA president Michel Platini uncovered the long-sought envelope. And it became clear – sport is beyond politics. 

Dmitriy Runkov, reporter: “It happened! Just seconds ago St. Petersburg won the right to host the Euro-2020 games. This was long-awaited, but nobody really believed this would happen. Within just two years, St. Petersburg will host the world’s two biggest football events”

Until recently, it was hard to imagine. It’s as if Sochi would have been granted the right to host the Summer Olympics straight after the Winter Olympics. Europe’s finest teams will play 4 games in St. Petersburg – 3 at the group stages and 1 quarter final game.

“I am very happy, we’ll go to the games and will support our team”

“I knew we would win. This is world’s best city. I would live and die in Paris if St. Petersburg didn’t exist. We’ll celebrate the victory Russian style”

12 other cities – apart from St. Petersburg – will host Euro-2020. This is UEFA’s revolutionary decision. The final game will be played in London, all other games will be spread across the continent – from Rome to Baku.

Such decision to hold this tournament across the continent was made to mark 60 years since the Euros began. In 1960, USSR team won it for the first and last time. Now the Russian team will have a chance to make it up for their fans – on their home soil.