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A thunderstorm as a test – “dancing” sewer caps, puddles in apartments and a football game interrupted


St. Petersburg is recovering from a morning shower. It was not without incidents.


A strong rain cooled the heat in “Zenit” and “Torpedo” youth teams. The match at the smaller pitch of the “Petrovskiy” stadium was resumed only after the weather settled in.

The flooding blocked traffic in several parts of the city and even suspended the work of the “Vkontakte” office. Apartments of St. Petersburg residents were also flooded. Mariya Marchenko met those who suffered from the changing weather.

The thunder – so much anticipated by St. Petersburg residents worn out by the heat – turned out to be anything but a remedy, but rather a test. Ice drops the size of an egg in the south, torrential rain in the north. The sewer couldn’t handle the flows of water. They made heavy sewer caps “dance”

Parashutnaya Street turned into a pond – in a matter of minutes. Cars had a hard time starting.

The thunder scared off football players – the match between “Zenit” and “Torpedo” youth teams at the smaller pitch of the “Petrovskiy” stadium had to be suspended. The natural disaster which fell upon the city surprised even the experienced workers of the “Vodokanal”

Natalya Ipatova, director of information and public communications department of SUV“Vodokanal St. Petersburg”: “The current rain is very unusual because it is very uneven. At some places it was as intensive as a tropical rain”

It was raining heavily even inside certain apartments. Residents of a house at the Demyana Bednogo street had to leave work early to save their home. They returned to the house with no electricity. Puddles everywhere – in kitchens and living rooms. They didn’t know where to sleep – the stretched ceiling was about to crash on the tenants.

Alina Assel, resident of a house at Demyana Bednogo street: “Stretched ceilings were ripping itself away from the windows, full of water. Water was pouring in fountains from electric outlets, the floor was filled with water – at knee-level”

Although St. Petersburg survived the storm, there were some losses too. Lighting hit the electric cable at the Moskovskiy prospect; wind broke the power lines at the Engels prospect. Trams were stopped and jammed the traffic. Weathermen warn – the storm may be back.

Alexander Kolesov, head meteorologist at St. Petersburg Weather Bureau: “Strong rains and thunderstorms are expected at some parts of the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg. Very local – followed by sunlight.”

The weather will be summery in the next two days – up to 30 degrees. But autumn will take over since next week. The tropical heat in St. Petersburg has come to a close.