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Beauty takes you to Ecuador: St. Petersburg resident to represent Russia at the “Mrs. World” pageant


Yulia Ionina will represent Russia at the “Mrs World-2014” pageant. It kicks off today. 40 participants will fight it off to be the most beautiful married woman on the planet. Yulia has already won the “Mrs Russia – North-West” competition. Alexey Zhukov found out what tricks she would us to impress the international jury


Yulia Ionina’s average morning starts not later than 7.30am. She needs constant control over everything. Vitamins for children, breakfast for the family, coffee for herself and the husband. Titles like “Mrs St. Petersburg-2012” and “Mrs Russia-2013” do not work in this kitchen, they are left outside. Here she is a 28-year-old mother of three, wife, keeper of the house.

Beauty is an acknowledged hard work, but Yulia wouldn’t complain about her life – surrounded by expensive interiors. Graduate of the management high school at the St. Petersburg State University. Additional education in England. Her hobbies include horseback riding, shooting, quadro-cycles and water scooters. Sings well and a fine dancer. The full package. And here is the moment every girl is dreaming of – her head is decorated with a glittering diadem.

Exposing reports on TV and constant intimidations of beauties online have done their dirty work. She says she was doubtful to the very last moment that she could win without paying money upfront

Yulia Ionina, “Mrs St. Petersburg-2012, Mrs Russia International-2013 North-West, Mrs Baltiya-2013”: “I never thought I could take part in a pageant and win, because they have a very murky reputation. My husband didn’t even want to go to the finals of the “Mrs St. Petersburg” pageant, cos he didn’t believe”

The title was followed by numerous photo sessions, shoots in commercials and even creation of her own charity fund. Where does she find time for all this is a bigger mystery than Mona Lisa’s smile – for those looking from the outside. 

Alexey Zhukov, reporter: “We’ve already spent more than an hour at Yulia’s home. She hasn’t sat down for a moment. Children, sweets, drink, play, tears. All needs to be sorted out. Besides, the annoying phone keeps ringing every 5 minutes”

Children consume literally all her time. Personal time goes to her own children, work time – to children at care homes, patients of hospices and down-syndrome kids. And even beauty pageants have now become part of charity work

Yulia Ionina, “Mrs St. Petersburg-2012, Mrs Russia International-2013 North-West, Mrs Baltiya-2013”: “I hope that my participation in the “Mrs World” contest will help attracting more attention to this problem, and more investors for the fund”

Today Yulia begins her fight for the “Mrs World” title on the other side of the planet. As she says, its not important if she wins or not, or whether politics would affect the result. Even if the world wont be won by the beauty and wit of this half-Russian-half-Ukrainian woman, this will not change her life at all. After she returns, she’ll have a charity marathon to participate in September, then a bicycle race to support oncology-diseased. Kids and husband will be waiting for her at home.