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The menace of the seas. An “invisible” submarine floated off at the Admiralteiskiye dockyards


Today a diesel-electric submarine “Staryi Oskol” was floated off at the Admiralteiskiye dockyards. The submarine has a long visibility range, has excellent orientation capabilities and almost does not give itself away under water. Alexey Zhukov witnessed its descend.


Its tonnage almost reaches 4 thousand tons. Its underwater speed is 20 knots. Its maximum descend depth is 300 meters. It can easily last for over a month on an autonomous sail. The new diesel-electric submarine “Staryi Oskol” is the third in the series made by St. Petersburg ship-builders for the Black Sea Fleet. The fourth is currently in a building berth. All in all, Russia’s military might will be reinforced by 6 of such submarines.

Alexander Buzakov, general director of “Admiralteyskie Verfy”: “The 5th and the 6th submarines are “Velikiy Novgorod” and “Kolpino”. Steel has been cut and bodies are already been made for these boats. At the end of October – celebrating the 310th birthday of the Admiralteiskiye Verfi we will invite you to the launch of the 5th and the 6th boats”

The submarine’s exteriors are similar to those of its predecessors. Yet what’s inside is almost entirely classified. The black body conceals the state-of-the-art navigation complex, modern automated control system, and – most importantly – all the latest types of missiles and torpedoes. Head commander of the Russian Navy admiral Viktor Chirkov observed the floating off ceremony. He says the command will hand the submarine over to safe hands

Admiral Viktor Chirkov, Head Commander of the Russian Navy: “The commander is a considerably experienced man; he went through practice and studies at the Naval Centre, where they had been prepared. That’s why the crew is morally healthy, physically fit, and coordination will be built during their work on the submarine”

The crew of this menace of the seas consists of 52 men. The commander and his first assistant had served beyond the arctic circle and bear medals for “Immaculate Service”. 9 men are from Sevastopol. The rest are from the Baltic Fleet. A number of changes were implemented into the submarine’s blueprints for their comfort. However, officers like a lot more to talk about its firepower.

Captain Andrey Kirichenko, commander of the “Staryi Oskol” submarine: “Living conditions have dramatically improved. And, respectively, the arrival of new weaponry, particularly of this missile complex” 

“Staryi Oskol’s” predecessors have been dubbed “black holes” in the West – for their quietness. The new sub is almost invisible.

Alexey Zhukov, reporter: “Before the 1st military duty, the “Staryi Oskol will go through several months of preparations. Followed by factory, state and practical tests, which will begin spring next year. After that the submarine will join the Black Sea Fleet”

It will be based in Novorossiysk. And from where it would be able to go anywhere – to protect the country