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The “Metrostroy” could start creating construction sites for new metro stations next week


Four new subway stations would appear in St. Petersburg by 2018. The “Metrostroy” company won the right to conduct the initial stage of the construction – setting up construction sites. However, other competitors were unhappy with such outcome. They filed their claims to the Federal Anti-Monopoly watchdog. As a result, a lawsuit in the Arbitrary Court was initiated. Mariya Marchenko with the details.


The lobby of the “Teatralnaya” station will appear here – next to the square with the same name. Pigeons are tweeting at the bronze Rimskiy-Korsakov monument, grannies reading books in the shade of the walnut trees. The square – loved by everyone – will remain as serene. All works will be happening underground. The station will be ready by 2018, however its exits will be opened later.

A blue fence will only appear by the theatre. The “Metrostroy” will be operating here. This company won three tenders at once for engineering preparations of construction sites at new subway stations in Primorskiy, Petrogradskiy, Admiralteyskiy and Vasileostrovskiy districts. That is, of course, if a court doesn’t prohibit that. Previously, the St. Petersburg department of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service asked to suspend the auction because of complaints coming from one of the competitors

Alexander Komissarov, deputy head of KRTI: “the auction was held in accordance with legislation. We have no right to sign contracts, but we’re working on it – because the city needs the subway”

The city infrastructure development committee is now challenging the Anti-Monopoly Service’s decision in the Arbitrary Court. There has not been a reply yet. If contracts with the “Metrostroy” will be signed in the nearest future, then machinery may appear at the sites as early as next week

Mariya Marchenko, reporter: “The people are, certainly, more concerned with when the subway will be built, rather than who’s going to do it. Its been anticipated here – in the Primorskiy district – for 10 years. And they could have probably waited longer, if not for the World Cup. The “Ulitsa Savushkina” and “Begovaya” stations – at the intersection with the Turistskaya street – will be opened by 2018”

The Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line will stretch from “Primorskaya” to “Novokrestovskaya” and then on “Ulitsa Savushkina” – this will be the final stop. The money – that’s almost 15 billion rubles – will come from the federal budget. The other line – from “Teatralnaya” to “Bolshoi Prospekt” will be built using the city’s funds. Soil will have to be washed in for the “Novokrestovskaya” station on the west side of the constructing stadium.

By the end of the year, the KRTI hopes to get artificial soil. Works at the Savushkina street will start in August or September. Documents have already been sent to Moscow for checks.

The “Metrostroy” are considering it a big victory for themselves that they have beaten companies of Gennadiy Timchenko and Oleg Deripaska. They’re dreaming not only of preparing the construction sites, but of building the stations too.

Vadim Alexandrov, CEO of the Metrostroy company: “Such work can only be done by the Metrostroy, we’ve got all drilling equipment. If we mingle, then the auction will be suspended, the new one could be held in 2 months, and mingling equals defeat in this case”

The “Metrostroy” believes that they have won the right to set up construction sites absolutely legally. They are fully preparing for the auction on construction rights. The battle looks set to be a heated one.