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Evegeniy Borovik, an artist from St. Petersburg, “paints” pictures by means of photography


His still-life paintings – and that is the genre Evgeniy Borovik works in – are kept both in museums and in private collections. Not only in Russia, but abroad too. Alexandra Lee witnessed how vibrant photopaintings came to life.


Master of a classic still-life painting – Evgeniy Borovik – does not use paint on canvass to produce. Just like a speleologist, the artist dives into darkness – to avoid a random piece of light spoiling the work – and thoroughly digs through every object with his torch. The torch is not a usual one – its light as if suspends itself in both space and time. The phantom light is then captured by the camera

Alexandra Lee, reporter: “Creating such a still-life painting is not difficult. The harder part is turning it into a real work of art. Here its creator is aided by the light of the torch. His task is to shed light onto what’s really important”

It only takes a few shots to make the picture, but post-processing on a computer takes at least 6 weeks. Its not just a photoshop work – this is like painting on an electronic canvass.

Evegeniy collects items from different times. They later inspire him. Vials, nose-bags, books – all are waiting for their hour in his workshop. 

He bought these lanterns at a flea market in France, where he recently had an exhibition. He says the audience there is totally different.

Evgeniy Borovik, photoartist: “We have consumers attitude to photography here – click and there you have a ready photograph. But there photography is being regarded as a work of art!”

Evgeniy has been involved in art for 40 years. He likes to go mushroom hunting with his loyal pets. His friends are skilled hunters – they bring him trophies and he displays them. Including at the Hermitage and in Vyborg. The idea of today’s painting came quickly and suddenly – the name was harder to produce than the composition itself.

Evgeniy Borovik, photoartist: “I don’t know yet. The idea itself of this little ray of morning light which jumped into the still life painting – it is very interesting. I haven’t had one like this before”

The idea of making paintings by means of photography is as old as a paintbrush itself. But turning it into a work of art – that’s the master’s secret.