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Captain of the “Tre Konor” Brig: the “Alye Parusa” is an unforgettable event


The main actor in the graduates’ ball – the “Tre Konor” Brig is having the main rehearsal today. At 22 the ship will sail along its route – from the Petropavlovskaya fortress to the Letniy garden and back to the Dvortsoviy Bridge. The scarlet sails are already raised. The crew is ready. Kseniya Eremenko stepped aboard the Swedish Brig.


Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “This is the main player of the upcoming festivity, the “Alye Parusa” just cannot do without it. Its not crowded here today , as per tradition – the VIP was given a day off to get rest and get ready. The Swedish ship “Tre Konor” – three crowns – will enter Neva’s waters for the 5th time. And, as in all previous times, there’s nothing on their wish list but wind in the sails.
Weather has changed plans of the Swedish crew. The Brig has been docked at the Harbor for two days, but strong wind wouldn’t let it unfold and check the sails. Although, some crew members are still on duty. 

Molly Hendsen, crew membet at “Tre Konor”: “I work at the very top. I need to get everything together and tie knots. A have this and nothing bad will happen. I just need to hang on tight”.

The scarlet sails have been manufactured particularly for this occasion. It’s not made of silk – like in Grin’s book – and this is purely a festive outfit. You won’t sail into open seas with garments like these, but it’s just ok for the Neva. 12 sails 700 square meters each – if connected, they could cover two stadiums. 

Andrey Korotkevich, maintenance crew: “There are a lot of ropes here. It enables the ship to be steered by sails. Every bit of every rope will work, god bless they will all stay intact”.

Captain Allan Palmer has no doubt everything will be under control. This is his 5th  time at the “Alye Parusa”. He’s been captaining the “Tre Konor” ever since the Brig was manufactured and has already learnt his 300-ton child to the slightest bits. He knows his schedule for tomorrow’s event just as well. Music, special effects and light show – everything is tightly coordinated. Hesitate for a second – the festive fireworks may burn your sails. 

Allan Palmer, captain of “Tre Konor”: “We can’t hear anything, the light is everywhere, so we communicate with hand gestures and shout very loud. But it’s a very exciting event and it gives unforgettable impressions”.

This year the fireworks show will last for almost 30 minutes. The sky will be lit with thousands of shots  - 1500 meters between them. Details are being kept secret even from the crew members. 
In the evening, the Tre Konor will face off with the unpredictable Neva. But even after the rehearsal it will still be unclear how the boat will behave in the wild waters during the festivities. Although, the city’s main artery and the two-masted symbol of love have always managed to find common language.