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New drone tested at the Military-Medical Academy’s drill


A training warfare unfolded at the Krasnoye village. Student and graduates of the Military-Medical Academy trained in rescuing the wounded, conducted field operations and tested new equipment, including a drone. Delegates from 13 countries played witness to the drill this year. “Sankt-Peterburg” TV channel’s reporter Alexey Zhukov took his seat in the stands.


A 1000 medics and hundreds of war toys are in the zone of a training conflict. Students of the Military-Medical Academy are sharpening their skills under the cover of the Western Military District’s soldiers. They act in 2 phases – defense and offense. Trainings have been held annually for 50 years.

Alexander Fisun, head of main military-medical directorate of Russia’s Defense Ministry: “Practical skills of our doctors demands them to be, so to speak, more endurable. Today practical skills must be sharpened not only in classrooms, but in a field hospital and a ship hospital”

Students – from freshmen to pre-graduates- and their teachers are on the offensive. Just like in real life, there are hundreds of wounded on the battlefield. Medics must found all the injured and evacuate them – being under heavy fire.

Alexey Zhukov, reporter: “The golden rule of a military medic – you have 10 minutes to get a wounded soldier off the battlefield and another 50 to deliver him to the camp. Here is where he gets first aid and then he goes to hospital. Practically speaking, the work of doctors in that first hour proves decisive for a soldier’s survival”.

Medics have been engaged in this drill for a second week now, but, they say, they are not tired. Comparing to lectures, this is a genuine vacation.

Dmitriy Konev, 1st year student at the 2nd faculty of the St. Petersburg Military-Medical Academy: “We spend all of our spare time studying – even in our days-off. Because we have classes six days a week. We came here for a few days, then we will return and pass through exams”.

The most colorful part of the drill is a helicopter evacuation of a wounded. They missed a little on the 1st attempt, so now the half-alive soldier has to run to rescuers on his own. Everyone gives a 100 percent. They are being evaluated not only by the commandment of the Western Military District. Delegates from 13 countries are watching the drill.

Wu Ku Bin, head of military-medical commandment of the People’s Army of Vietnam: “Watching how these medics work, it is easy to imagine the might of the Russian army as a whole. We are impressed. We saw many things here which we ourselves don’t do, so we have many things to learn”.

These generals from all over the world are also being watched. The main innovation has taken to the sky – the tactical unit “Strelets”. A group of drones is hovering above the battlefield, coordinating the work of medics. 

Bogdan Kotiv, deputy head of research department of the Military-Medical Academy: “Not only can we see, but also we can evaluate the wounded’s condition – pulse, hemodynamics, breath rate. We are dealing with this matter now”.

A little further afield from fighting, students are shown equipment which even the Defense Ministry hasn’t got yet. Portable heart monitors, modern stretchers, complex evacuation systems and even artificial men.

Alexey Zhukov, reporter: “Soon students of the Military-Medical Academy will receive mannequins like these. It is almost like a real human – it breathes, blinks and even experiences pain. All data could be seen on a special monitor, but the main thing is that one could use for training as much as he wants”.