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Big fountain complex to be launched at the Moskovskaya Square on May 9th


Just days remain until a big fountain complex will be launched at the Moskovskaya Square. Residents of St. Petersburg and its guests will certainly see the result of specialists’ well-coordinated work. But what effort has it taken to produce such grandiose show? Where the “brain” of the fountain lies, who chooses the music and how the streams follow the beat? Alexandra Lee found out


Alexandra Lee, reporter: “The heart of the fountain is only a few steps away from here. The pump room is situated here – at the depth of 5 meters. Only staff are allowed in here and – on a very rare occasion – a TV crew”

Right now we are underneath one of the fountain’s bowls. There are 9 pumps here, 5 of them are involved in the music show. Those are easy to recognize by such branches: one controls the static water launch, the other – so to speak, conductor’s control.

This particular fountain is not even 10 years old yet. Its control is totally automated. A supervisor on shift watches the perimeter via external cameras. Routine checks are necessary, but the main thing is to make sure there are no disruptions in the musical show”

Andrey Chistyakov, deputy head of St. Petersburg water infrastructure SUV “Vodokanal SPB”: “The so-called “brain” of the fountain – those control units which ensure the work of all junctions, specially designed software to ensure the water follows the beat of the music. I really like Petrov’s music – its both lyrical and dynamic. In other words, it helps to technically coordinate the work of the fountain complex”.

Alexandra Lee, reporter: “A fountain worker’s shift is long and loaded with work. Conductor with a telling last name – Chistyakov – personally ensures order”

Drinking the fountain water and swim in it is prohibited: firstly, environmental effect is not safe – the water is circulating in a closed circle; secondly, with all hoses, pipes, tools and concrete plates swimming could lead to injuries.

The fountain season has long been opened in St. Petersburg. This one – at the Moskovskaya square - is among the last ones to be launched. Today its bowls are being test launched. Even a test launch would require almost 4 thousand cubic meters of water. The official launch is scheduled for midday on May 9th – with a music show. Meanwhile, the staff and the city’s residents are counting down minutes