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Puppet creator Alexander Getsoi made a Suok puppet from the “Three Fat Men”


Renowned puppet creator from St. Petersburg is looking for apprentices. His works are well know beyond the borders of Russia. The Iron Lady, an Indian-God-like robot and the Suok puppet – a heroine of the “Three Fat Men”. Dozens of unique mechanic puppets were made by the master’s hands. Alexandra Lee fantasized about the rise of the machines


 “The Iron Lady for the night” – is nothing else but a mechanic DJ doll in a nightclub. New musical orders are coming in to Alexander Getsoi to replace once popular mechanical harmonica players – he had created more than 25 of those in 30 years of work. Classic works are also in demand – mechanical puppet Suok, heroine of the “Three Fat Men” is now in Moscow, many other works are abroad.

Alexander Getsoi, maker of mechanical puppets: “A human skeleton is a ready mechanism, only muscles are replaced by tillers”

Its simple mechanics. If you take a closer look, you can see cheap parts and gadgets. He tried to create his own droid – a human-like robot, stuffed with software, but both the processor and its creator burnt out. Alexander says that its much “cooler” to make a machine move by means of mechanisms rather than with wires and motherboards

A former welder, he is now looking for apprentices. He wants to find someone to run his business in St. Petersburg. There are more orders coming in from abroad. This, for instance, handy robot called “defying time” will soon go too – the Indian Shiva miraculously turned into a salesman. In just one day at a city fair, it managed to completely sell the produce of a jewelry company – using all of its 6 hands. Its designer is laughing it off – the device drew attention, but the things were sold by the people

Alexander Getsoi, maker of mechanical puppets: “A man cannot be replaced by any machine. Don’t listen to the stories – they are all nonsense”

And there are many stories spanning many years – could dram writer Karel Chapek ever imagine that the word he created in the 1920’s - robot – would firmly root itself into the vocabulary of the nearest and, it seems, of the distant future? And many have a real fear of this term – add intellect to steel machines, and they will utilize mankind. And with each new fantasy on this subject, the life of droids looks more like humans’.

Alexandra Lee, reporter: “You can go on as long as you like about the rise of machines. But one thing is clear – even a man with an iron soul cannot be indifferent to a machine like this. How it works, what it wears, how it looks. And if those spark any emotions with us, they thus make us more human”