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A “flip-flop-flat” museum opens in St. Petersburg


Lamp on the floor. Carpet, TV set and wardrobe on the ceiling. An untypical museum has opened in the very heart of St. Petersburg – everything there is literally upside down. Our reporter Dmitriy Kopytov went to have a look at this flat.


Dmitriy Kopytov, reporter: “In order to walk around this apartment, you have to learn how to walk on the ceiling – as I’m doing now. First, we’ll go to the children room. A table, a chair, a computer, a TV set showing cartoons – everything a modern child needs. Next is the living room – it’s a very pleasant atmosphere here. You can read a book if you wish, or rest on a sofa – on your head. Like this! And if you’re hungry – welcome to the kitchen. Here we have some meat baking in the oven, some tasty fruit on the table. But even if that’s not enough, one would find anything desirable in the fridge”

There’s only one flip-flopped flat like this in St. Petersburg so far. But the concept of putting everything – furniture and appliances – upside down is not a new one. In Moscow, at the VDNKH, there’s an entire house like that. Similar peculiar museums are attracting crowds in Austria, Spain, USA and other countries. The main thing – organizers of the exhibition say – is for the furniture to be real and carefully assembled, so that it would not fall off onto somebody’s head.

Natalya Checkhova, exhibition organizer: “We’re using a very strong glue to get things holding. You can try. I can even hang on these – like this. I’ve already tried hanging on the bike”

Visitors to this untypical exhibition admit – their long-sought dream of beating gravity has come true. Some got so excited that for them this flat is not enough

Denis Stafutin and Yulia Romanova, visitors to the exhibition: “We would have loved to see more space here. We’ve walked through the entire flat, and want to walk more. Into a garage, for instance. Everything is so real – like a real flat only upside down. Its great”

Owners of the peculiar exhibition are not planning to expand yet. It’s a pity. Seeing a full apartment block with life turned upside down doesn’t seem like a mission impossible.