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The “Rock Battle” of the Mikhailovskiy and the Mariinskiy Theatres resulted in a “draw”


The Mikhailovskiy and the Mariinskiy Theatres held a typical Hollywood-esque competition. Classic ballet dancers changed into jeans and hit the stage in an untypical performance. Such transformation massively impressed the audience, as Alexandra Lee witnessed.


Alexandra Lee, reporter: “Today’s concert is named in a short word – battle. It’s a sort of a musical competition between performers of the Mikhailovskiy and the Mariinskiy Theatres. And – as they usually say in such cases – ready, steady, go!” 

Ballet dancers of the two competing Theatres faced off again – not at a typical theatre stage though. Complex pas-de-de moves were left behind – classic dance style was replaced by a wild one. The mood and the venue were corresponding. And even more so – the songs

Today he’s a vocalist, even though his everyday occupation is dancing in the Mariinsky. Ivanariy founded the musical band 2 years ago. Says it started from one of the guys buying a guitar.

The write songs themselves. They say they had an unplanned gig in Washington D.C. and then – as if also unintentionally – recorded a demo-tape of one song in a studio. Now they’re performing at concerts both in Russia and abroad. And, it seems, are willing to remain on the stage in any form.

Ivanariy Koker, vocalist of the Mariinskiy band: “We will not compete to win, we will do it together!”

The Mariinskiy company, or – more precisely – a band, is getting ready to win the crowd. Just like before a regular show, because its important that the spectator likes you. Because if not – then next time rivals from the Mariinskiy will be preferred.

Phillip Parkhachev, drum player of the Mikhailovskiy Theatre band: “The Mariinskiy and the Mikhailovskiy Theatres compete both within the city and in-between its performers. The mood is determined; the boys are ready to fire on all cylinders. Please welcome – the Ballet Band!”

Rock-n-roll hits - although not always of highest quality, but always sincerely played. The spectator understands and accepts it all.

The competition is over. It’s a draw. To be fair, no other result had been expected.