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75 motorized military units held a rehearsal of the Victory Parade at the Pushkin airfield


Preparations for the Victory Day Parade – traditionally held on May 9th at the Dvortsovaya Square – are well underway at the Pushkino military airfield. Motorized units of the Western Military District are practicing their moves. Alexander Burenin was there


Fathers and grandfathers of many of these servicemen operating powerful war toys took part in the Great Patriotic War. Many of them died. Remembrance of their ancestors is not a hollow sound for soldiers and officers – participation in the Parade may seem like a small gratitude to that generation, but it is still gratitude. Huge vehicles maintain the speed of 20-30 kilometers per hour. Their mission is not just to make a few quick circles. They have strict rules to obey. 

Ruslan Popov, head of armored tank service: “The main mistakes are not keeping the distance and violation of speed limit. But we take 10 training runs a day, so by mid-April it should be fine and we will show how its done”

Training started in mid-March, at first they worked in pairs. It was only recently that all 75 motorized units started training together. The “Pantsir-S” missile complex will take part in the St. Petersburg Parade for the first time. Mighty units like S-300, “” and “Tochka-U” will also march through central city. Synchronized movement aside, vehicles looks are also being prepared. The units are cleaned and painted at a designated area – when they are not used in training routines. Officers assure – the motorcade will be ideal in all senses.

Alexander Burenin, reporter: “Training routines at the airfield will last until the last week of April. After that, the units will be relocated into the city. 4 rehearsals are planned until May the 9th, including a general one. Those will be held directly at the Dvortsovaya Square”.