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The customs union is contemplating a ban on cheap lace lingerie


The organization claims that synthetic fabrics are harmful. That’s why starting from July 1st, such lingerie must disappear from stores. What is offered instead and what do fashionistas think of such care about their health? Mariya Tikhonova found out.


Mariya Tikhonova, reporter: “Officials of the Customs Union did some laundry work and concluded that beautiful lace underwear is harming Russian women. As if synthetic fabrics are bad at absorbing. That’s why starting from July the 1st, such lingerie must disappear from the stores. It will be replaced by a more “healthy” version – made of cotton, and predominantly domestic-made.

Designer Vladimir Bukhinnik was enraged by this latest initiative. Attempts to undress women had lasted for half a century. And now – when the sexual revolution has happened – it is back to soviet stereotypes.

Vladimir Bukhinnik, designer, fashion historian: “I thought it was some sort of joke. I am – as a specialist in fashion – demand an explanation. After all, it is one’s health and one decides for oneself whether to risk it or not.

In Kazakhstan, the outrage of women of Alma-Ata spilled onto its central square. Noble intentions of the Customs Union urged them to protest – wearing laced underwear on their heads.

In Russia, no-one has yet staged any protest. Model Nadezhda Blek decided to find a compromise solution. She went looking for a replacement to laced lingerie at domestic factories.

Sizes of this gracious model were out of stock here. Only after thorough search, it became clear – the ban is not as scary as its being portrayed. Ladies will not have to put their grannies’ underwear on.

Nadezhda Blek, model: “I have found my first pair of domestic-made lingerie”

This clothes workshop would help to cover intimate spots with natural linen. However, it is probably the only one is St. Petersburg, where this delicate clothing is made according to individual measurements. It’s all about the price

Elena Shestakova, owner of the workshop: “Bras could be bought for 50, 500 and 3 thousand rubles. We have ready-made bras for 2 thousand – including work”.

While this cotton lingerie is likely to pass the Customs Union tests, synthetic ones are still being debated. The maker from St. Petersburg claims they have safe and legal ones – even under the “Made in China” label.

Mariya Tikhonova, reporter: “We are now in a test lab. Here we will test this synthetic underwear. Judging by the label, it was made in China, 92% polyamide and 8% elastin. Lets see if it meets the requirements of the Customs Union”

The underwear is cut, put into a bowl of water, then weighed and dried. According to Customs Union regulations, hydroscopicity of the fabric must not be lower than 6%. Eventually, this particular underwear passes the test.

Olesya Lukina, head of testing sector of “Test-SPB” laboratory: “Polyamide, as a totally synthetic material, still has hydroscopicity of around 6%. So to speak, we won’t have to stop wearing such lingerie made of polyamide”

The ban could affect the clients and sellers of public marketplaces. Nargiza Djambarova sells Chinese undies for 50 rubles, bras for 200. She wouldn’t test her goods, but wouldn’t object to putting this cheap beauty herself.

But the Customs Union ban would hardly change the situation in the market. The legislation already has a loophole. It may seem as a paradox, but it’s a fact – selling laced undies separately is forbidden, but permitted together with a bra.