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A baby Nile crocodile found at Vernosti Street named “Gena Grazhdanskiy”


Incredible discovery at the Kalininskiy district – local utility service workers found a baby Nile crocodile at a garbage bin. This type is well known for its cannibalism.


And “Gena Grazhdanskiy” – the name it received – has already shown its beastly nature, biting one of the worker’s fingers. Alexey Dmitriev was not afraid to pay a visit to the exotic pet.

Alexey Dmitriev, reporter: “For now, the reptile has been placed here – at one of utilities services rooms at Vavilova Street. Its employees, naturally, have had no experience in dealing with such creatures, so they had to go online to find all needed information”

They brought a fish tank, got some sand at a children’s playground, put some water in and –Voila! – the crocodile cage was ready. Another problem – what do newborn crocodiles like for dinner? They failed to find insects or a small spineless animal, that’s why the baby croc was fed beef. The reptile was brought here by janitors.

Ruslan Mitrofanov, deputy head of “Zhilkomservis #2”: “I went out to have a look because I could not believe we could have crocodiles walking around our children’s playgrounds. He looked like a rubber toy”

Alexey Dmitriev, reporter: “This garbage container area at Vernosty Street was the first refuge for the ancient monster. Janitors who found the crocodile at first could not understand what they were dealing with – despite these areas are no strangers to different animals”

Thoughts of making this temporary home permanent had to be postponed – until after a call to specialists. Experts said that this particular species can grow up to 4,5 meters long. And if this was a baby Nile crocodile, its adult length could have reached 6 meters. So they decided to turn to the Zoo- but even its employees took some time to decide whether they would accommodate this unexpected guest.

Natalya Nagayeva, zoologist, “Aquaterrarium” department of the Leningrad Zoo: “We will need special veterinary papers, which will be done by vet stations of the Kalininskiy district. Only once checks on helminthiasis and salmonellosis have been completed, we will take this animal. First we put it on quarantine, and then put it on our balance

Vet control would take around 5 days. Should it prove successful, the baby croc will be moved to a terrarium, where one of its kinds has been comfortably living for 21 years

Natalya Nagayeva, zoologist, “Aquaterrarium” department of the Leningrad Zoo: “He eats liver, meat, fish, livestock – rats, rabbits, quails”

The newbie will be given separate apartments in aquaterrarium. There’s still some free space there – around 2 square meters. That should be enough for the foundling for some time. When it grows up, it will either be transferred to a different Zoo or sent home – to Africa.