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Pop-art works of Andy Warhol displayed in St. Petersburg


Andy Warhol’s art comes to St. Petersburg. Exhibition has authentic works of pop-art’s icon and paintings by other artists of the same style


It took organizers 18 months to gather all acknowledged masterpieces of the art – which had not been even considered as an art at first – in one place. It resulted in 80 works of 20 prominent artists. Alexandra Lee took a sneak-peek at the exhibition before its opening.

Alexandra Lee, reporter: “The idea of pop-art is about using common things, phenomena which surround us. Widespread things – like this canned meat, which one could buy in a store around a corner. It expires, by the way, in the year 2016. But it’s already history”

These cans date back to half a century ago – in the early 1960s Warhol produced the “Campbell’s Soup Cans”, later he puts a few of these using silk-screening. These works brought immense fame to the painter, who was actually a designer. Arguable and expensively estimated art, but it’s not the most important at this exhibition.

These are the only witnesses of a long night which survived to our days – opened bottle of whisky, cigarettes, radio player with hits of the ‘60’s. Organizers of the exhibition are putting a visitor into the pop-art atmosphere from the very entrance

Icons of the 1960’s, revolutionaries, innovators, provocateurs. What is this – art or provocation? Well-known “Sunday B. Morning” series is taking a center stage not only in the history of pop-art, but also at this particular exhibition.

Authentic. It is proved by several layers of silk-screening. Although authorship in such cases is not apparent – billboards, ads and even vinyl records could be used as works of art. Here is, by the way, limited edition of “The Rolling Stones” album – with real zipper and underwear, designed by Warhol himself.

Asya Ershova, supervisor of the exhibition: “The work of Mel Ramus is done with the use of porcelain on a metal bar. It was made in the times when he got into this kind of technique. Its absolutely authentic – here’s the author’s signature. Money can only be equaled by money, so let’s not talk about its value, and just enjoy art”

Artistic value is also under doubt – with modern technologies anyone can print out any picture in any format.

Andrey Bazanov, general producer of art-center: “Today we can watch movies for free on the internet, yet people are going to the cinemas. Because the perception is different. If you want something real – you go to the place where this real is displayed for you to see. If you need a quick one – you can always ago online and find anything”.

Two more works of art will be delivered today. In total, there will be 79 pictures of 20 artists on display. The exhibition will last until May 25th, so that everyone would be able to make their own estimation – art-wise or money-wise - of these works.