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A St. Petersburg bird hospital treats the feathered for alcoholic dependence


Injured birds will now be eligible for professional help. The first bird hospital has opened in St. Petersburg.


Treatment is free, however buying food and medication is not cheap. 

Ornithologists are also looking to open a bird sanatorium. 

Olga Fomina revealed that these patients are also suffering from human’s bad habits. 

This swan was named Kingisepp – after the town where the wounded bird was picked up by passers-by. Doctors cured it, but it will never fly again. In the spring it will be handed over to the zoo. And this is not a one-off case here. Wounded domestic and feral fathered are brought to this rescue center. The most frequent visitors are those with bullet wounds. 

Vladimir Romanov, PhD, director of bird hospital: “People are itching to shoot something. They don’t want to shoot cans, so they choose a live object. Limbs are often torn, fractures. Birds get sick and cannot live a normal life” 

After full examination, birds are issued a treatment, a ration rich with vitamins. Those who cannot be resuscitated at home are placed into stationary treatment. 

The winged fellows are also often victims of carouse. Such patients are brought back into senses through an IV-drip. The Bird Doctor knows how to treat a feathered patient for alcoholic breakdowns and totally cure one from this bad habit.

Vladimir Romanov, PhD, director of bird hospital: “If a bird made a sip of beer or vodka, they get addicted. There are alcoholic bird owners who drink and make others drink too. They turn the feathered ones into their drinking partners, as its boring to drink alone. And so a bird gets addicted and suffers from breakages”

Karkusha the crow is steady on its feet. After the plaster bondage is taken down, it will go through rehab – to flap its wings again. Its owner is watching the treatment online – there’s a webcam in the cage.

And here’s another candidate to be released soon – Byasha the pigeon. He was admitted to the hospital when it was a nestling, after having lost its mother. It was brought up here. Now the bird is getting ready for its first flight. 

Vladimir Romanov, PhD, director of bird hospital: “We’re investing our love and care. We are always sad to let them go and are worried how they will carry on in the future”. 

Olga Fomina, reporter: “The feathered ones are also sad to go. Healthy birds are not always leaving the hospital immediately. They come back from time to time – to visit the owners or get some food. Only in several months they completely get used to free living”