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Goergiy Poltavchenko: “St. Petersburg is and has always been the city of national priorities”


This was the governor’s message at the plenary session dedicated to the year of culture in Russia. It was held within the St. Petersburg international Cultural Forum.


The governor noted that the city has become the platform of serious global-scale discussions in the recent years. 

Georgiy Poltavchenko, governor of St. Petersburg: “The success of last year’s – first ever – Forum exceeded all our expectations. Today the number of regions representing Russian Federation and foreign guests significantly increased. Which means that our city has found actual topics, offered a new format of discussion and is still generating lively interest from people representing the global culture”. 

According to Georgiy Poltavchenko, St. Petersburg was historically created as a platform for a cultural dialogue and still is the city of national priorities.  

“In order to retain our historic face, traditions, values and ideals, St. Petersburg today must, in the first place, strengthen its cultural bastions, as the citadel of the Russian and – at the same time – European and global culture. And we’re trying to do that” – said the governor. 

Georgiy Poltavchenko, governor of St. Petersburg: “ In the passing year – the Hermitage received renovated buildings in the eastern wing of the General Headquarters, a second stage was opened at the Mariinskiy theatre, we’ve greatly celebrated the 275th birthday of the Vaganova Academy, Boris Eyfman’s Academy of Ballet had its first students”

Important changes happened in the life of the city’s older film studio – the “Lenfilm”. People of St. Petersburg were able to meet the best drama theatres of the world at the first winter festival of Lev Dodin.

In its turn, open classical music concerts at the Dvortsovaya square and opera plays were met with support of the citizens, and a several-thousand-strong choir, which performed at the steps of the Isaakievskiy cathedral, instilled an atmosphere of unity in the city. 

“Children, veterans, people young and old felt themselves as a part of the great city” – said Georgiy Poltavchenko and suggested such events must be held nationwide. 

Georgiy Poltavchenko, governor of St. Petersburg: “In the year of culture we’re planning to even further assert ourselves within classic forms, underline our respect to national and historic traditions. To a stern outlook and style of St. Petersburg”  

The concert program of the next City Day will be based on what the biggest geniuses of the Russian music – those whose fates were closely connected to St. Petersburg – contributed to the Russian culture: Glinka, Rimskiy-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Borodin. Their compositions, based on the Russian folklore, have a tremendous charge of energy and will give our citizens another reason to be proud of their city and their country. 

Also, according to the governor, there will be a special work done to further the scale of the Dostoyevsky day – the event will be taken to a new level, which “corresponds with the role and place of Dostoyevsky in world history”. There are plans to expand its program and geography – not only using street stages, but also museums, theatres and libraries.