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The road junction linking the CAD and the Bronka port will relieve St.Petersburg of heavy transporters


An important segment of the CAD was opened today – a new exit to the Bronka seaport. This junction will relieve the city of a large number of heavy transporters


Heavy trucks will evade the roads in central city and will be able to get to the off-loading depots straight from the CAD. Our reporter Alexey Zhukov witnessed the opening alongside federal officials. 

It’s a rare occasion – road exits to a facility have been completed even before the facility itself. The port of Bronka is scheduled to be completed in 2 years, only its territory has been blueprinted and prepared, but the road to it is already there. The new CAD junction is located right after the Dam. Together with the existing Krasnoflotskoye highway exit, it will provide non-stop access to the future port. This made life easier both for car owners and those involved in construction of the port. Their trucks and equipment will no longer have to take a bump road to the construction site. 

Nikolay Asaul, deputy transport minister of the Russian Federation: “Unfortunately we often try to solve congested traffic problems when they are already suffocating cities, when its already impossible to drive. We wake up and start expanding narrow roads. This is the example to follow – when infrastructure is created for the future”.

It took a year to build this junction – an almost record-setting speed. Approximately 6 months to blueprint it and another 6 months to build it. The construction hampered traffic at the CAD only once – the road was blocked one night for only 4 hours to put special beams above the road. 

Vyacheslav Petushenko, director of traffic detours construction department: “We had to build and insert this junction into already existing infrastructure. This is existing traffic movement both on the CAD and on the Krasnoflotskoe highway. We had to insert it into the existing junction and relatively complicated soil and geological conditions”

The overall length of the junctions is a little less than 4 kilometers. One passage through the CAD and one through the railroad. All investment – and that was a little more than a billion rubles – came from the federal budget. Specialists say it will repay itself in 6 months.

Alexey Zhukov, reporter: “The next step in construction – apart from launching the port of Bronka itself – is providing railroad access. A branch from the Bolshaya Izhora towards the Lomonosova and Peterburga avenues has existed for a long time, but embranchments are yet to be built. When the Russian Railroads company finishes its part of constructions, the port of Bronka will compete in its accessibility with any port on the Baltic shores”.