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The “Spasskaya” subway station will be opened one year ahead of schedule – on November the 7th.


St. Petersburg’s subway prepares to launch escalators at the “Spasskaya” station. One will be able to descend and ascend there on November the 7th. Construction has gone much quicker than expected – the station has been completed a year ahead of schedule. Next to be renovated after the “Spasskaya” is the “Sennaya” station. Evgeniya Malyshko with more details.


White marble from Greece, black granite from Finland – reconstruction of the station’s lobby alone was worth 200 million rubles. And not only it has been built to last – it’s a sweet sight for one’s eyes too. There are 5 mosaic panels here. This is how the Academy of Arts sees the life of the Sennaya square in the 19th century – these depict poets, writers, their characters and the most basic scenes of that city life. It used to be a trading square.

Alexander Bystrov, chief artist of St. Petersburg’s Academy of Arts: “Characters of Gogol’s, Dostoyevsky’s and Nekrasov’s books – all had passed through this square. It was the square of simple people, not of the elite class. Everyone has been trying to get inside the Zimniy Palace, wanting to be among the nobility. But we are of simple backgrounds and origins – stab us with a knife and you’ll see red blood dripping, not blue”

There have never been exits and entrances to the station adjoining the two others. The construction started in 2011. And there was no need to suspend the train movement. All the works had taken place at the depth of 56 meters. 

Evgeniya Mayshko, correspondent: “As of yet, this tunnel has no light, and escalators are still powered off. Construction workers are finishing the decorations. But on November the 7th all residents of St. Petersburg will be able to ascend to the lobby of the “Spasskaya” station.

Believe it or not – the construction has been completed almost a year ahead of schedule. It was meant to be opened next year. Specialists explained the rush. 

Alexey Starkov, chief engineer of “Metrostroy” company: “Initially we considered a complex construction of the lobby and of the on-ground building. Now these two projects have been separated and taken to a different level. That’s why now the priority is to launch the lobby as a transport junction. That’s the view of the city’s authorities”

The “blue” line is also in for a renovation. After the “Spasskaya” station opens its doors to passengers, the neighboring station – the “Sennaya” – will be closed for reconstruction. According to the plan, the old pavilion will be completely dismantled.

Correspondent: Evgeniya Malyshko
Cameraman: Evgeniy Chernov