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Non-lethal pistols and extremist books found with the Dumskaya shooting suspects


Suspects in the Dumskaya street shooting have been detained. They are presumed to be natives of the Dagestan rep. Some of them are title-winning sportsmen and martial arts experts. The detention operation covered both their homes and work places. Some of the suspects tried to resist arrest – unsuccessfully. Alexander Burenin with the details of their detention.


Three weeks on since the attack on a nightclub in central St.Petersburg, the police have managed to identify seven suspects. Flats of suspected assailants were stormed in several parts of the city. The shooters turned out to be Russian citizens – natives of the Dagestan rep. 

Among the detained – head of a security firm and several athletes – World, European and Russian champions in boxing and ultimate fighting. But it was not sporting equipment that operatives have discovered. 

Vyacheslav Stepchenko, head of press-service of St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region Interior Ministry Department: “Three suspects are highly-qualified martial arts specialists. All detained are now being questioned. During search procedures at their homes and offices, investigators have managed to find several non-lethal pistols with ammunition, handcuffs and extremist books”

According to investigators, on September the 21st the shooters came to the Dumskaya Street, seeking revenge for not being let inside the “Poison” karaoke bar on the night before. Their initial targets could have been the bar’s security staff, but eventually rubber bullets hit clients inside the bar. Then the shooting continued outside. The assailants then walked towards the Nevsky Avenue, smashing cars along the way. The next morning, the Dumskaya Street became known across Russia – in a negative light. 

Alexander Burenin: “After the shooting incident, this part of the central district was nicknamed “the drunken quarter” because of a large number of bars here. This is true. For instance, the two clubs mentioned in this investigation stand literally few steps from one another. One is open; the other one is still closed”. 

A typical Hollywood action-movie scenario, which came alive in the streets of St. Petersburg, received a huge public resonance. The city’s authorities demanded that the criminals must be punished. Head of the city’s police was called to the Legislative council. And here are the first results. However, law-enforcers say not all shooters have been found. More suspects could be found after all those currently detained have been questioned 

Correspondent: Alexander Burenin

Cameramen: Cergey Asipenko, Anatoliy Anisimov