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In 2 years, 35.5 million drivers have used the WHSD segment from the Blagodatnaya street to the CAD.


The southern segment of the Western Highspeed Diameter has been functioning at full capacity for a year. The last part to be opened was the bit from the Blagodatnaya street to the Ekaterinhofka riverside. Now construction of the most complex part – the central one – is underway. Residents and guests of St. Petersburg have been able to enjoy advantages of this high-speed road. Nikolay Rastvortsev talked to car owners.


Nikolay Rastvortsev, correspondent: “In 2,5 years, the Bladodatnaya street – CAD segment of the Western High Speed Diameter has been used by 35.5 million drivers. The traffic intensity on this road is constantly growing – it has increased two-fold compared to the initial stats”.  

Toll-booths are providing such accurate data. At its very inception, a specialized system was set up here. Drivers have had three payment options – cash, a contact-free smartcard or with a transponder – a device attached to a car’s windshield, which makes the driver-cashier interaction completely unnecessary. To make the traffic flow faster, each payment method has its own lane at toll-booths. So far, judging by drivers’ reviews, everyone’s been happy with such road and all are anxiously anticipating when the Central segment will be completed.

On Monday this week, toll-booths became operational at the Ekateringofka river – the Blagodatnaya street segment. The recently opened northern segment is still free to use, but payment system will start working before the end of this year.

Nikolay Rastvortsev, correspondent: “One can witness the projected road construction from the Ekateringofka river exit. The central segment will start from here; it will pass through alleviated territories of the Vasilievskiy Island, make a curve around the Krestovskiy Island and will connect with the northern segment at the Savushkina street. This will provide an all-round access to the Vasilievskiy district from any other part of the city. According to the plan, the final segment of the road will be completed by 2016. 

Correspondent: Nikolay Rastvortsev