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Defence ministry will turn gamers into soldiers


This fall the usual army conscription routine has its peculiarities – the result of Defense Ministry’s innovative approach to young conscripts. They want to make army service attractive. This is their top priority.


Yuriy Zinchuk, “The Pulse of the City” show host: “And this agenda, officially speaking, was formed by the culture department of Defense Ministry which, I remind, is headed by our townsman and colleague – journalist Anton Gubankov”.

It’s a risky venture – letting journalists into bodies of power, they can stir things up there. And that is exactly what’s happening now in the Defense Ministry – in terms of ideological work with conscripts and newbies. Our correspondent Mariya Marchenko tested the new methods on herself. We had lost Mariya for two days – but she returned a completely different person. This is what the army service does to a human being. 

Defense Ministry has embraced the spirit of experiments. The old system of working with conscripts is being totally written-off. Army chiefs now tend to be creative. It began with some rapping by Anton Gubankov, head of the culture department. 

State Duma deputies are supporting this trend. They’ve already suggested setting up conscription for females. So we wouldn’t rule out a possibility that tender ladies would voluntarily feel the heat of the boot camp soon. I’ve decided to test the innovations on myself. Just like Anton Gubankov, I’ll start with some rapping.

Roman TILLS Evstratov, rapper:  I’ve written some army rap. – Why? You’re enlisting? – well, maybe yes.

Rebuffing an enemy in a fight is the basic training of any soldier. Girls will have to first-handedly experience all hardships of army service. This self-defense center in the Moskovskiy district is the real foundry of young conscripts.

After half-an-hour of training, im confidently hitting the target. Still a long way to go to become an elite soldier, but its not bad for a newbie. Self-defense moves might prove to be helpful even outside of the army service, especially to girls. 

Igor Burmistrov trains potential soldiers for army service. He teaches them not to fear pain and battle. He takes pride in claiming that there hasn never been a single draft evader among his students.

Igor Burmistrov, general manager of special training center: “We teach the boys the very helpful things they may need in their lives. And if they decide to go to the army, these skills would fill them with confidence there”.

Defense Ministry’s experiments have been enriched with innovative methods. Soldiers are being made even out of gamers. New patriotic computer games will replace foreign “shooters”, where a Russian soldier is usually defeated. 

These novelties are particularly anticipated at the Vasileostrovskiy district’s youth center. Here the new patriot games will be tested on a unique 3D simulator. Armies of a potential enemy will be crushed, we will prevail. 

Army chiefs are being tight-lipped about what other innovative experiments they have in store. Meanwhile, at Russia’s public initiative website, potential soldiers have suggested introducing a legal pay-off from conscription - 200 thousand rubles. Defense Ministry hasn’t yet reacted to such proposal.