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19-th social care home for the elderly opened in St. Petersburg


5 new social care homes for the lonely elderly people will be opened in St. Petersburg within the next 3 years, which will provide housing for all those in need. That is according to Governor Georgiy Poltavchenko, who said so upon visiting the new social care home in the Kalininskiy district today – on the Day of the Elderly.


The city’s head congratulated all St. Petersburg’s elderly with their holiday and, together with the speaker of the city’s legislative council Vyacheslav Makarov, he went to inspect the gift. Elena Boldysheva with more. 

The governor of St. Petersburg Georgiy Poltavchenko came personally to open the brand new social care home for the lonely elderly people – the 1st in the Kalininskiy district. This long-awaited facility has everything covered. Every single one of the 76 flats has a direct line with the control unit, manned by social workers on shifts. Bathrooms have special equipment, flats are built with convenient doorsteps and brightly lit kitchens. The first stop of the tour – flat for a wheelchair user.

The care home can accommodate 80 people. Caring about health of each and every one of them is one of the main priorities. The next stage of an introduction with the new facility – the “Health Kiosk”.

In the “Health Kiosk”, medics provide insight on the basics of a healthy lifestyle – movement and nutrition. Georgiy Poltavchenko was shown vitrines with foodstuffs good for one’s health.

The care home had been scheduled to be opened on the Day of the Elderly, celebrated on October the 1st. Having met its residents, it turned out that most of them are just as active in their venerable age as when they were younger. 

Dora Andreeva, resident of the social care home for the lonely elderly of the Kalininskiy district: “I pour two buckets of cold water on myself every morning. And I don’t get ill at all. I have been to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya”.  

Talking about the days of the past is not the only way to pass their spare time for the residents of this care home. Services specifically organizing pensioners’ leisure are included into the social structure of this facility. The governor listened to a few poems, before being presented with a book of poetry. 

After the music room, the visiting company observed the room for hobbies. After which, peculiar equipment for fire evacuations was demonstrated.

The care home is equipped with stair lifts for the disabled and elevators. Specifics of the residents’ age were considered upon blueprinting the flats. This social care home for the elderly is the 19th in St. Petersburg. Men over 60 years old and women over 55 years old are eligible to live in it. Pensioners with unemployable children are also eligible for this type of housing.

Georgiy Poltavchenko, the governor of St. Petersburg: “I think that those elderly people who retired and those who continue working for our state have the right for good living conditions and must be presented with such opportunity. The fact that people are queuing up to get an apartment here means that there’s high demand for such service. Right now, over 300 people declared willingness to live in such care homes. And we will provide that”.

According to the governor, 5 more care homes will be built within the next 3 years. One would be able to either live in them on a permanent basis – having handed one’s own housing to the City’s authorities – or temporarily, using a care home as an alternative to a health resort.

Correspondent: Elena Boldysheva